• Widdershins replied to the topic Scariest Night of my Life in the forum Pseudoscience and the Paranormal 1 week ago

    I once ran over myself with a tractor.  Not related, I know, but it was pretty scary.  First time I ever drove, on a tractor, on gravel, down hill.  Swerved back and forth until my friend and I were thrown off.  He looked up and saw it tipping over on him (it didn’t).  I looked up and saw the back tire bounce, barely touch my hip (ripping my pants a little) and land on the other side of me before going off into the ditch.  To this date I’m the only person I have ever known or heard of stupid enough to have run over themselves.  I almost died.  Almost got cut in half.  I liked those pants.  Good thing they were already brown.