• Widdershins replied to the topic Controlled Experiments on Telepathy in the forum Pseudoscience and the Paranormal 6 days, 21 hours ago

    So what, exactly, is it you are claiming can do?  “Send messages” is kind of vague.  What kind of distance are we talking?  Can you send me a message over an unknown distance?  Or do you have to be near the person?

    Most times when people think they’ve confirmed something like this there are several things going on.  First, there are subtle cues they are presenting that the others are picking up on.  Second, others may be screwing with them, telling them it works.  Third, and most common, we as human beings tend to ignore our failures and only focus on our successes.  If you try a thousand times and it fails 999 of those times your brain is wired to only give significance to the 1 success.  Failure is boring.  Not sending messages with your mind is boring.  But telepathic communication, that’s exciting.  That’s memorable.

    I don’t know any scientists who would be willing and able to help you.  I know one retired physicist.  Though our hours long chats are interesting, he’s not exactly in a position to requisition lab space and personnel for testing.  If there’s anything I can do to help from here I’d be happy to help.  I used to be into this kind of stuff too, but these days I prefer reality.