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    First of all, relax. I said I disagree with you and am not convinced by your evidence or methodology, not that I was going to try to sleep with your mother or something. I’m not telling you that I have definitive answers that you must accept, simply pointing out where I disagree and why.

    That being said, that entire response was a lot of self-important drivel and some outright untruths. In one sentence you absolutely inferred that, since the aliens would not willingly reveal themselves and any evidence would never be released to the public, that the aliens could never accidentally reveal themselves, implying perfection, and that there was a government conspiracy to hide the truth from the public. You very much did mention perfection and conspiracy. You just avoided explicitly naming them.

    Then there was some crying about poor you being attacked by the evil skeptics and how anyone who disagrees with you does so either because they haven’t bothered to get the facts or they’re just too scared to know the truth. Even your confession of bias was insincere (and uninformed). After confessing to your own bias you had to put that bias onto skeptics (anyone who disagrees with you) as well so that the two were “even” before you started piling on more negatives to weight the scale in your favor.

    Typical emotional argument, generally given by one who subconsciously understands the weakness of their case. Since you don’t have any evidence to support your claim, but you really, really want to believe it, you resort to emotional arguments. You start by explaining why science doesn’t apply to you special case. Then you boost yourself up by having the integrity to admit a flaw, but then you put that same flaw onto your opponent, who did not have the integrity to admit to that flaw, so that’s a negative to them and a plus to you. You then go on to pile on more negatives to them. They haven’t done the research, they don’t want to know the truth so they can sleep at nights, blah, blah, blah. You don’t know what research I’ve done. You don’t know what I want. But you assign these negative traits to me because it helps you maintain your belief in the absence of actual facts. If you have facts, present them. If you don’t, quit wasting my time.

    By the way, I actually HAVE looked into the whole alien visitation thing. Not this specific aspect, but in general. And if you think I would lose sleep if I was absolutely certain that, not only are we not alone in the universe, but there’s a chance that I may some day have the opportunity to leave this muddy rock and explore “out there” on other planets, to see the wonders of new worlds with my own eyes, well if you think that then you’re just straight up delusional.


    Really?  You think there’s a good chance that we would engage in kidnapping and torture with no regard for the intelligent life we found?  We would be curious enough about them to study them, but not curious enough to introduce ourselves and ask them questions?  There would be no outcry at our governments kidnapping and carving up intelligent alien beings, so long as they got a half-assed mind wipe which failed at the drop of a hat out of the deal?  Would YOU strap a terrified, intelligent being to a table and cut into it while it was awake, with no anesthetic, tormenting and terrifying it, justifying that it’s okay because you were going to (mostly) erase the memory of the ordeal?  I couldn’t do that to a dumb animal, much less an intelligent being.  If you could there’s something wrong with you.