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    I believe there are several types of superposition, each filling a distinct function

    a) Linear superposition, which yield a “sum” of both superposed values

    b) Quantum superposition, which yields a selection from two possible states.

    Another example is a quantum logical qubit state, as used in quantum information processing, which is a quantum superposition of the “basis states”  |0>  and |1>. 

    Here |0> is the Dirac notation for the quantum state that will always give the result 0 when converted to classical logic by a measurement. Likewise |1>  is the state that will always convert to 1. Contrary to a classical bit that can only be in the state corresponding to 0 or the state corresponding to 1, a qubit may be in a superposition of both states.

    This means that the probabilities of measuring 0 or 1 for a qubit are in general neither 0.0 nor 1.0, and multiple measurements made on qubits in identical states will not always give the same result.