• CC-v.3 said,

    Folds within folds of cumulative harmonic complexity flowing down the cascade of time.

    Yes, a hierarchy of “enfolded” orders (potentials) which become “unfolded” (expressed) in reality, only to become enfolded again in an endless cycle of enfolding and unfolding of ever greater complex patterns. This is one of David Bohm’s fundmental propositions.

    In describing Implicate Order Bohm writes:

    This order is not to be understood solely in terms of a regular arrangement of objects (e.g., in rows) or as a regular arrangement of events (e.g. in a series). Rather, a total order is contained in some implicit sense, in each region of space and time. Now the word ‘implicit’ is based on the verb ‘to implicate’. This means ‘to fold inward’ (as multiplication means ‘folding many times’). So we may be led to explore the notion that in some sense each region contains a total structure ‘enfolded’ within it.

    I like to think Tegmark is correct in proposing that the “enfolded orders” are of a mathematical nature and become “unfolded” as physical patterns