Announcing “Reason for Change” – A Transformative Conference for 2015

October 23, 2014

Dear friends,

Fostering critical thinking has always been at the core of CFI’s mission. But critical thinking is not an end in itself. It’s a tool. It’s a means to effect change, to transform our world for the better.

We regard our conferences not just as times to get together and socialize with like-minded people, but as occasions for productive collaboration. We know we’ve held a successful conference when attendees leave more inspired and better equipped to advance the causes of science, reason, and secular values than when they arrived.

Let’s make that happen together.

"Reason for Change" CFI Conference - June 2015

I hope you’ll join me at CFI’s next international conference—Reason for Change—on June 11-15, 2015, to be held at the Buffalo Marriott Niagara near our headquarters in Amherst, New York. 

This conference will be truly special. It will be both a celebration of our accomplishments and a robust examination of the challenges that still face us.

It will feature and honor three individuals who have made transformative contributions to the advancement of science, reason, and free inquiry: Richard Dawkins and Susan Jacoby, both of whom will receive Lifetime Achievement awards from CFI; and Rebecca Goldstein, who will deliver the keynote address. We’ll also be celebrating the 39th anniversary of Skeptical Inquirer (one more party before the big 4 0!) and the 35th anniversary of Free Inquiry.

"Reason for Change" Speakers

Other speakers at this landmark conference include such luminaries as philosopher Stephen Law, scholar of secularism Phil Zuckerman, former director of the Clergy Project Catherine Dunphy, Forbes science writer Steven Salzberg, noted scholar and author Anthony Pinn, blogger and author Ophelia Benson, comedian and writer Leighann Lord, and veteran champion of church-state separation Eddie Tabash, chair of CFI’s board—with more speakers to be announced shortly!

Conference sessions will address the critical issues facing humanists and skeptics today, including:

     •  explorations of the promise of secularism and the resistance it faces;

     •  the relentless, harmful influence of pseudoscience on healthcare;

     •  the challenges faced by those transitioning from religion;

     •  the increasing difficulty of maintaining the separation between church and state;

     •  and much more.

We will also have a special session devoted to a moderated conversation addressing the intersection between social justice issues and humanism.

This is a conference you simply cannot miss. Please plan to join me this coming June—when the weather in Amherst will be pleasant, the conversation will be stimulating, and the company incomparable. You can register at our conference website or call us at (716) 636-4869.

See you in June!

Best regards,

Ronald A. Lindsay, President & CEO, Center for Inquiry

P.S. To keep this important conference affordable, we are pricing it as low as we can—at $279 per person, which is essentially just enough to cover costs. CFI members, of course, are entitled to a discount, so if you are not a member yet, please join today.

Register for "Reason for Change" 

"Reason for Change" - A CFI Conference June 2015

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