Camp Inquiry Closes, But its Impact Remains

October 29, 2015


It is with genuine sadness that we are announcing that the Center for Inquiry is discontinuing Camp Inquiry, our annual weeklong program of education, investigation, and adventure for kids. The camp has been held each summer since 2006 in Holland, New York. 

For organizations of all kinds, deciding how to allocate resources to various projects and programs can be extremely difficult. This is especially true for CFI, which maintains a variety of different programs, including publications, local branches, campus outreach, support for humanist affiliates in other countries, public policy advocacy, and litigation relating to our mission. Various factors had a role in the CFI board’s decision to end our camp program. One relevant factor was the fact that the camp operated at a deficit most years. Another factor was the need to focus available resources on those programs more central to CFI’s mission.

We recognize that many of our supporters may take issue with CFI’s decision. We’re not especially happy about the decision either. Camp Inquiry provided a uniquely rewarding learning and social experience for many children, and it has been a central point of pride for all of us at CFI. However, as critical thinkers we also understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and the need to be careful stewards of our supporters’ donations.

Even though Camp Inquiry is coming to an end, we are confident it will have a lasting impact on the lives of former campers: kids who can share with their friends and family a love of science, curiosity about our world, and an appreciation for reason and critical thinking. 

Thank you for your support of Camp Inquiry. If your children have been campers with us, you have our deepest gratitude for allowing us the privilege to get to know them, and to be inspired by them.

One final note: although Camp Inquiry did offer a unique experience, Camp Quest does provide programming for those interested in a secular camp environment.  For those interested in the science education aspects of Camp Inquiry, there are many different camps focused on science education, some of which are listed here.

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