CFI–Kenya Changes Lives with its Humanist Orphans Project 

CFI–Kenya Changes Lives with its Humanist Orphans Project 

July 24, 2015

We always love hearing from our international branches, because they bring us new and powerful perspectives on the work of humanism and skepticism around the world, dealing with struggles that are often very different from those we take on in the west. A particular highlight of these international reports comes from George Ongere, the Executive Director of CFI–Kenya, whose organization has been doing truly inspiring work on behalf of orphaned children.

In his report, which we’ve posted to the CFI Free Thinking blog, George explains that in many parts of Africa, witchcraft belief is rampant, and is an easy scapegoat for those who do not wish to take responsibility for children. Accused of witchcraft because of an illness, a particular behavior, premature birth, or even simply a birth that is out of wedlock or outright unwanted, George says, “A great number of children find themselves in circumstances that they do not understand or comprehend; and sadly, they can be hacked to death or chased away from the only families and homes they have known in their entire lives without any explanations given to them.”

This is why CFI–Kenya launched its Humanist Orphans Project, which seeks to provide education, clothes, and food for those abandoned children who are plagued by superstitious attitudes that have rendered them non-persons at best, or supernatural threats to be exploited or eliminated at worst. CFI–Kenya recently won registration with the Kenyan government, which was no easy feat, as Kenya had for a long time refused to recognize any charity that did not affiliate with a religious group and acknowledge the existence of God. George happily reports, “With the continued support that CFI–Kenya gets from CFI–Transnational, we believe that there is going to be a great impact on the communities that benefit from this project.” Congratulations and sincere thanks to CFI–Kenya.

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