CFI Announces Video Contest Winners

October 1, 2010

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is pleased to announce that

Gregory Walsh


John Schmid

of Maryland are the Grand Prize winners of its

Campaign for Free Expression Video Contest

which asked contestants to submit short videos in the form of a public
service announcement that addresses the importance of free expression.
The Grand Prize provides Messrs. Walsh and Schmid with a cash award of

In the Cards

The entry Mr. Walsh and Mr. Schmid submitted was: ”

In the Cards

Regarding their entry, CFI president & CEO Ronald A. Lindsay
observes, “This entry, by concisely and memorably illustrating the wide
diversity of views protected by our right to free speech, forcefully
conveys the importance of free expression.”

In addition to the Grand Prize winner, there were two other winners. Second-place and an award of $1000 went to

Reilly Donovan

of Washington for his video ”

The Loud Silence

.” Third-place and an award of $500 went to

Mia Holley

of New Jersey for her video “

PSA Freedom of Speech


The Loud Silence

PSA Freedom of Speech

The Campaign for Free Expression
is an initiative by CFI to emphasize the critical importance of free
expression. During the campaign, CFI has drawn attention to efforts to
suppress free speech both in the United States and elsewhere. It has
also sponsored several contests, including a blasphemous phrase contest,
an essay contest, and a cartoon contest.

The winners of the video contest are being announced on

International Blasphemy Rights Day

which is sponsored by CFI. Through International Blasphemy Rights Day,
CFI underscores its position that religious beliefs should be subject to
examination and criticism, just like any other belief.

# # #

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