Create a Likable TV Atheist, Win Even More Likable Cash

January 13, 2015

The grouch.

The emotionless robot.

The lost soul.

The cynic.

no god but funny logoDespite the fact that the nonreligious make up a large and rapidly growing percentage of the U.S. population, atheist characters on television tend to fit
into one of those four thoroughly unlikable categories.

We want to give you a chance to do something about it.

The Center for Inquiry is partnering with the Freedom from Religion Foundation for a contest that could truly change the culture, or perhaps cause the
downfall of civilization.* The No God But Funny contest!

We want you to show off your wit, your smarts, and your creativity, and bring a likable atheist lead sitcom character to life!
(Metaphorically speaking, of course. We’re all skeptics here.)

You can either

  • Write a 22-minute sitcom pilot, with an outline for 11 additional episodes, OR
  • Produce an original short video for the web of around 3 to 15 minutes (aka a “webisode”), with an outline of the rest of the season’s 11

Or, if you’re crazy, you can do both.

The winners in each category will not only change the world as we know it, forever, but also win a great deal of cash: $15,000 for the winning sitcom script, and $25,000 for the winning webisode. Not that you’re doing it for the money.

Who decides the winners? Only an amazing panel of professionals from the worlds of comedy and television: Comedian Paul Provenza, TV
producer Jonathan Goodson, magician Max Maven, actor and writer Max Fulcher, comedian Steve Hill, and writer and producer Barbara Romen.

ngbf judges

So prepare to become one with the live studio audience in your head. Enter No God But Funny and show America the likable side of their atheist neighbors!
Go to and get started! And don’t
forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for updates! Like us, follow us, and enter!

* CFI and FFRF not responsible for downfall of civilization.

# # #

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