CSICon Las Vegas: The Bad News and Some Really, Really Good News

July 10, 2020

It may come as no surprise, but it’s disappointing all the same: CSICon 2020 has now been officially canceled, due, of course, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that is not the end of the story!

First of all, we’re of course going to see to it that CSICon 2021, happening October 21-24, 2021 at the Flamingo Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, is the biggest and best CSICon ever. All of this year’s speakers have been invited to appear at CSICon 2021, which was to include folks like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Penn & Teller, Sasha Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Julia Sweeney, Piff the Magic Dragon, and many others. And who knows what other surprises we might have in store…after all, we get a whole extra year to get ready for it!

But that’s not all!!!

We couldn’t leave the entire skeptic community hanging just because it’s a bad idea to crowd people into buildings in Vegas right now. That’s why we’re taking a lot of the big personalities and big ideas from CSICon and putting them online for you to enjoy no matter where you’re sheltering in place.

So stay tuned for details on our upcoming online speaker series, Skeptical Inquirer Presents. Our first live speaker presentations will start in just a few weeks, followed by new talks throughout the summer and fall.

While we’re definitely sad that we can’t all get together in person this year, there’s still so much to do and share. And then look out for 2021, because we intend to make sure that the next CSICon is going to be worth waiting for.

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