Richard Dawkins Engages with Science Teachers for Easter/April Fool’s Online Workshop

April 3, 2018

What better way to mark the collision of Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day than with some evolution education? On April 1, CFI’s Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science (TIES) presented the latest in its new series of online workshops for those teachers who are truly in the trenches for science and reason: science teachers. Headlining this special webinar was the founder of TIES himself, our own Richard Dawkins.


A remote audience of teachers, students, and science education professionals were asked to submit questions, which moderator and TIES director Bertha Vazquez incorporated into the presentation. In response, Richard discussed such topics as the worst misconceptions about evolution, the best ways to define evolution to those who know nothing about it, the best examples of the evidence of evolution, the problem with the term “missing link,” and much more.

Richard also recounted how TIES originally came to be. In 2014, after learning about the workshops on evolution curriculum that Bertha had been running for fellow middle school science teachers, Richard offered to come and speak with these teachers. It was then that Bertha was asked to take her work to the national level. TIES became a program of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, now having put on 75 workshops in 33 states.

Participants also voted on which of Richard’s favorite animal species they liked best, and we send our congratulations to the night’s big winner, the tardigrade.

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