For the Love of Joy: An Inspiring Update from CFI Kenya

October 15, 2018

This summer, we told you about Joy, a little girl in Kenya who faced not just stigma, but real mortal danger. In parts of Africa where superstitions are deeply ingrained, albinos are considered “bad luck” and are sometimes even sold to witch doctors (or killed and sold) because of the belief that their body parts have magical properties.

Joy, who has just stolen George’s glasses. 🙂

CFI Kenya has been combating these superstitions for years, and recently founded a Humanist Orphans Center to assist children abandoned or endangered because of witchcraft accusations. That’s why Joy’s mother came to CFI Kenya’s executive director, George Ongere, for help. With financial assistance from CFI Transnational, George was able to get Joy into a school where she would be safe and cared for.

Now George has sent us an update in the form of a video of Joy at her new school, and as you’ll see, she more than lives up to her name. She is truly delightful.

Thinking about the positive impact CFI Kenya can continue to have on children’s lives, George wrote to us, “Imagine this: In your old age, you walk in the village and these children just say ‘Thank you.’ I am currently 34 years, and I believe I will make an impact to the rural areas. Yes, that is what I will need in my old age! Just a ‘thank you.’”

We could not be prouder of the incredible work George is doing for kids like Joy. So let us join what will no doubt be a growing chorus: Thank you, George!

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