March for Science and Arts for Science with CFI’s Local Communities

April 30, 2018


Harnessing the excitement and momentum of last year’s international event, the 2018 Marches for Science took a turn toward the local, with each march having an approach and emphasis specific to its location. Naturally, Center for Inquiry branches were on hand for many of them.


Over 10,000 people took part in the Los Angeles march, where CFI West‘s Jim Underdown took the stage with Randee Westendorf to demonstrate several pseudoscientific gadgets such as an e-meter, a ghost detector, and dowsing rods. Exhibiting at the event, CFI West and its Independent Investigations Group saw a great deal of enthusiasm for their mission.

Meanwhile, the hardy folks at CFI Western New York braved inhospitable weather conditions to march proudly outside of city hall for the Buffalo March for Science, and CFI Tampa once again marched in St. Petersburg, Florida. Other branches took part as well in their own areas, weather permitting.

Relatedly, CFI Indiana has just held its annual Arts and Science Day for Kids, which featured ten hands-on activities including blood typing, calligraphy, “Random App of Kindness,” and of course, Lego.

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