Meet SI’s Editorial Board and CSI’s Executive Council

February 21, 2011


SI’s Editorial Board and CSI’s
Executive Council

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The Committee for Skeptical
Inquiry (CSI) and the Skeptical Inquirer (SI) magazine will connect
with members and readers during a special luncheon, at the next CSI
executive council meeting on Saturday, April 2. SI’s editorial board
and CSI’s executive council will be on hand to meet with CSI associate
members and SI subscribers, as part of a new emphasis on building more
interactive events.

The upcoming executive council
meeting will be held outside Denver, Colorado. A luncheon will be held
from noon–3 pm at the Denver
Airport Marriott at Gateway Park
The cost for the program and luncheon is $50 per person.

The Denver Airport Marriott is twenty minutes from downtown.

Executive council and editorial
board members attending the luncheon will include:

James E. Alcock is a professor of psychology at York University
in Toronto. He is both a social psychologist and a clinical psychologist.

Kendrick Frazier is a fellow of the American Association for
the Advancement of Science. He is also editor of the Skeptical Inquirer
and a member of the board of directors of CFI.

Ray Hyman is professor emeritus of psychology at the University
of Oregon. He has written and published on the psychology of deception
and on paranormal claims.

Scott O. Lilienfeld is professor of psychology at Emory University
in Atlanta. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including
The New York Times

Amardeo Sarma is a senior manager at NEC Laboratories Europe
in Heidelberg. He founded the skeptical movement in Germany in 1987.

Dr. Eugenie C. Scott is executive director of the National Center
for Science Education, Inc. She is an internationally known expert on
the creationism vs. evolution controversy.

Dave Thomas is a physicist and mathematician. He received the
National Center for Science Education's Friend of Darwin Award in 2000.

Leonard Tramiel is a retired high-tech executive with a deep
interest in science and science education. He is now coordinator for
the CFI branch in San Francisco.

Benjamin Wolozin is a professor of pharmacology and neurology
at Boston University School of Medicine. He has published over 100 papers.


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