CFI Launches New Outreach Campaign: “Millions of Americans are living happily without religion”

September 30, 2013

How many times have you heard people say “life has no meaning without God”?

How many times have you had to answer questions like “What’s your purpose in life without religion?” or “How can you be a good person if you don’t believe in God?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to explain your secular worldview in religious terms?

Be counted - Get a free sticker.For the longest time we atheists, humanists, and freethinkers have been expected to cram our secular worldview into a religious frame, as if that would somehow make it easier to explain. We’ve been expected to measure our secular worldview using religion’s yardstick, as though nonbelief was just another kind of belief.

The problem is that this simply doesn’t work, right?

We all know secular people experience the world very differently than religious people do. A worldview based on evidence and an understanding of the natural world is entirely different from a worldview that bases everything on God and his will.

The fact is millions of Americans live happily without religion—without any religious points of reference at all. It’s time for all of us to stop trying to explain our worldview in religious terms and start showing people how fulfilling and inspiring life is from the secular humanist perspective.

Announcing a New Outreach Campaign

Living Happily Without Religion

Starting today, CFI is launching a new outreach campaign designed to do just that. We’re putting up billboards and transit ads in New York, DC, Indiana, and Michigan letting everyone know that “Millions of Americans are living happily without religion.”

We’re launching a new website——where people can learn more about the secular humanist worldview and be inspired by a great new video. (Thank you, Seth Andrews!)

And of course we’re spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, too. We’re asking you and everyone you know to visit the CFI page and grab a new cover photo to let your connections know you are one of millions living happily without religion.

The secular humanist worldview is a meaningful and uplifting way of living in the world. It’s necessary to defend it against religious claims, but it’s also important to promote it and celebrate it on its own terms.

Join us in this new campaign. Be one of the millions living happily without religion!

Thank you, sincerely, from all of us at CFI.


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