National Geographic TV Taps CFI’s Independent Investigations Group to Rebut Flat-Earthers

December 12, 2018

Axial tilt is the reason for the season, but for far, far too many Americans, our Pale Blue Dot is a two-dimensional one. This week, National Geographic Explorer covered the flabbergasting (and to skeptics, deeply frustrating) phenomenon of the Flat Earth movement. “We’re not monkeys floating on a ball in space,” asserted one flat-Earth believer.

And to show just how mind-bogglingly wrong the flat-Earthers are, correspondent Mariana Van Zellermet up with the Independent Investigations Group (IIG), headed by CFI West’s executive director, Jim Underdown. Explorer and a contingent of flat-Earthers were on hand for IIG’s experiment, and you can watch and see if Jim and his team’s simple empirical demonstration dissuaded any of the conspiracy theorists.

Click here to see this excellent segment on National Geographic Explorer (at about the eleven-minute mark) that promotes science and shines a light on a dangerous anti-science trend.

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