Win Loads of Cash for Creating a Likable TV Atheist in the NO GOD BUT FUNNY Contest!

April 23, 2015

You watch TV and movies. You know what it’s like.

With rare exceptions, atheists in popular entertainment are portrayed as grouchy, mean, amoral, or simply emotionless. At best, they might be humorously

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You also know that freethinkers in real life are as diverse in personality as any other group. And yes, it’s true; some of us are even likable.

We’re betting that our community of skeptics and humanists has the imagination and creativity to shake up the entertainment industry and to change the
popular perception of nonbelievers for the better.

That’s why this past January we partnered with the Freedom From Religion Foundation for the No God But Funny contest, where we ask you to write your own sitcom script OR produce a short
“webisode” featuring a likable atheist lead character.

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts that includes comedians Paul Provenza and Steve Hill, writer and producer Barbara Romen, magician Max Maven, actor and writer Rich Fulcher, and producer Jonathan Goodson. These people know funny.

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Best of all, there’s prize money to be had.
A whole lot, in fact. But you have to get moving! The contest ends May 15!

Show us your wit, your smarts, and your drive, and bring to life a likable atheist lead sitcom character with your original work.

You can either…

  • Write a 22-minute sitcom pilot, with an outline for 11 additional episodes, OR…
  • Produce an original short video for the web of around 3 to 15 minutes (aka a “webisode”), with an outline of the rest of the season’s 11 episodes.

The prizes are $15,000 for the winning sitcom script, and the big prize, $25,000, for the best fully-produced webisode.

So get moving! As you might know, today (April 23) is Openly Secular Day, so what better time to
make a powerful (and hopefully very funny) statement about our dynamic community? Go to now for all the details!

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