On Newstands Now — Skeptical Inquirer Vol. 33, No. 6

November 6, 2009

Owen Hammer and James Underdown

State-Sponsored Quackery: Feng Shui and Snake Oil for California Nurses — The Independent Investigations Group investigates pseudoscience—particularly therapeutic touch—in professional nursing. Just how well regulated is nursing in California?

Martin Gardner

Bill Maher: Crank and Comic — Well-known stand-up comic Bill Maher has joined the ranks of the Big-D atheists, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennet, and the Big-H atheists, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, as an implacable foe of all religions.

D.J. Grothe

A Skeptic’s Guide to Podcasts — A list of skeptical audio available for download, compiled by Point of Inquiry host D.J. Grothe.

Daniel Loxton

The Paradoxical Future of Skepticism — “Like many skeptics, I’m preoccupied by one question: ‘How do we take this to the next level?’”

Tim Farley

Skepticism via YouTube — In the summer of 2008, Georgians Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed to have found a Bigfoot carcass. These claims were initially made via a number of YouTube videos that garnered significant attention in the cryptid community.

Heidi Anderson

Skeptical Parenting: Raising Young Critical Thinkers — There comes a moment in every parent’s life when your child asks you the question you most feared hearing from your dear one’s lips…


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