Portland, Oregon, Joins CFI’s Family of Communities
February 25, 2008 by

Science, Reason, and Free Inquiry come to the Pacific Northwest

New Position Paper: Assistance in Dying for the Terminally Ill
February 22, 2008 by

Few issues in bioethics have received as much sustained attention as the question of whether the terminally ill should have the right to hasten their deaths through prescribed medication, a practice known as assisted suicide or assistance in dying. This question has been debated in Congress, state legislatures, the Supreme Court, in books and scholarly …

Opening Launch of Center for Inquiry London
February 5, 2008 by

Held at Conway Hall, London on 18th January 2008, CFI London’s inaugural event proved very successful with leading lights from the British and American academic, skeptical, secular and humanist communities speaking and participating in discussions. Nearly 150 people attended the day and evening event, and included delegates from the British Isles, Scandanavia, Eastern and Western Europe and the US.

Report for the Year 2007
January 21, 2008 by

The Center for Inquiry reports on the year 2007.

CFI Releases New Position Paper
December 3, 2007 by

Same-Sex Marriage—and Marriage by Ruth Mitchell

CFI Inaugurates New Educational Centre in the UK
October 26, 2007 by

CFI Expands to the United Kingdom, Ceremony to be held on January 18, 2008

CFI Releases New Position Paper
October 16, 2007 by

Protecting Scientific Integrity #2 – Ronald A. Lindsay, J.D., Ph.D., Derek Araujo, J.D., and Daniel Horowitz, J.D

CFI Releases New Position Paper
August 28, 2007 by

“The Ethics of Genetic Engineering,” by David Koepsell

CFI Releases New Position Paper
May 29, 2007 by

Understanding The Intelligent Design Creationist Movement: Its True Nature and Goals

Buzz Aldrin Punches Moon-landing Conspiracy Theorist
October 16, 2002 by

Bart Sibrel, a conspiracy theorist who believes that NASA faked the moon landing, confronted retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin on Se