Beliefs of the Rising Secular Generation to be Unveiled at CFI Summit

October 3, 2013


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Last week,

USA Today
reported on a groundbreaking study

conducted by researchers at Trinity College, in conjunction with CFI, that provides brand new insights on the worldviews of American college students. It
has a lot of good news for the future of secularism, and at the upcoming CFI Summit in Tacoma – October 24-27 –you can be among the first to learn even more about nonreligious college-age Americans.


At the CFI Summit, study co-author Barry Kosmin will present all-new findings that delve into the beliefs of the rising secular generation!

The first report from the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture at Trinity shows that college-age Americans

divide nearly evenly between three distinct worldviews

: Religious, Spiritual, and Secular. That was surprising enough, but they also found that most of those claiming no religious affiliation (the now-famous
“nones”) are not “searching” or uncommitted believers, but largely atheistic or indifferent to religion.Read the story from USA Today.

But there’s much more to unveil.
Register now
for the CFI Summit, and you can be on hand as we go even deeper, as new findings specifically about young secular Americans arerevealed for the first time anywhere!

Don’t wait!
Special conference hotel rates at the Hotel Murano end very soon! Until October 11, Summit attendees can reserve hotel rooms for the
discounted rate of $149 single or double. Register Now!

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Special bonus:
In the lead-up to the Summit, CFI’s Paul Fidalgo has been interviewing some of the amazing speakers for the Summit website. Click here to read his interviews with science education champion Eugenie Scott,
anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin, and Secular Coalition executive director Edwina Rogers.

See you in Tacoma!

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