CFI Launches Campaign to Keep Religion and Pseudoscience Out of Health Care

June 3, 2014

Keep Heath Care Safe and Secular

You’ve seen it for yourself: Attacks against science and reality-based health care have reached dangerous new levels, with the imposition of religious dogma, resulting in limited access to and even denial of medical services, and the shameless marketing of sham remedies sold as “natural” or “traditional” cures, often accompanied by the rejection of scientifically proven treatments.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

With your help, we at the Center for Inquiry have been fighting on all fronts in the battle against superstition and pseudoscience in health care and medicine. The time has come for us all to take this fight to a new level.

safe and secular storyJoin us today as we launch a new campaign: Keep Health Care Safe and Secular, a major effort to combat religion and pseudoscience’s influence over health care, and support a system based on humanist and scientific principles.

We want to harness your talent, intelligence, and enthusiasm to ensure that our health care is focused on effective remedies and proven outcomes. Together, we’ll educate the public, the media, and policy-makers about the immediate threats of dogma and quackery in health care. 

The campaign begins with the launch of a new website, It’s your source for news and information about the impact religious dogma and pseudoscience are having on health care policy. You’ll learn about the many ways you can get involved right now to keep health care safe and secular.  

And it’s where we want you to tell us about your own experiences—has religion’s incursion into health and medicine affected you or your family? Have you or someone you know been taken advantage of by peddlers of sham “alternative” remedies or junk science? Let us know about it, and we might use your story in our campaign. You can also tell your stories on social media and spread the campaign’s message on Twitter with the hashtag #SafeandSecular. 

This is your health. This is your life. This is your campaign.

Safe and secular health care is important for all of us, but it won’t happen unless we fight for it. We need your support to sustain this effort. Please help increase our impact—your impact—by making a donation right now.

Thank you—and be sure to check out and share the new resources at!

Please donate today!

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