See Stephen Fry, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins, and James Randi at CSICon 2018

April 30, 2018


You won’t believe who’s coming to CSICon 2018, October 18-21 in Las Vegas. How’s this for an extraordinary claim:

CSICon 2018 will feature:



A master of comedy and wit, a beloved writer, performer, and filmmaker who brings joy and humor to every subject he tackles.

Stephen Fry


One of the world’s most revered intellectuals, enlightening millions about consciousness, morality, linguistics, and even writing style.

Steven Pinker



A scientist who opened up the wonders of evolution to the world and helped lead a movement for science and reason that grows stronger every day.

Richard Dawkins

James Randi Headshot


And making a triumphant return: An illusionist, an entertainer, a mischief maker, and a founding father of the skeptic movement.

The Amazing James Randi


And that’s not all…not by a long shot! On top of author book signings, a Halloween costume party, and special VIP events with skepticism’s biggest names, CSICon 2018 will also feature:

  • New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer
  • The “SciBabe,” Yvette d’Entremont
  • Memetics expert Susan Blackmore
  • Alt-med’s worst enemy, Dr. Paul Offit
  • Mentalist Banachek in a special magic show performance
  • Comic-musician George Hrab, our master of ceremonies

And many, many more. Go to for a complete schedule and list of speakers.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so come see it all for yourself. Check out right now, and register for CSICon 2018: October 18-21 air the Westgate Resort and Casino in the city of illusions, Las Vegas.


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