The Science Babe and Blasting Asteroids in L.A.

Yvette d’Entremont - Science Babe

May 15, 2015

Yvette d’Entremont, also known as the “Science Babe,” drew an overflow crowd at CFI–Los Angeles on April 19 during her “Feed Your Brain” lecture on bad health science, devoting part of her talk to discussing her recent, well-publicized criticism of the pseudoscience peddled by Vani Hari, better known as the “Food Babe.” Featured in a Page 1 feature story in the L.A. Times just three days before her talk, d’Entremont has been trained as an analytical chemist and runs her “scibabe” website full-time, debunking health pseudoscience with a combination of humor and real science.

Also, Michael J. Poston, a post-doctoral fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech, presented spectacular images of planets, dwarf planets, and other objects in our solar system as he described a number of ongoing robotic spacecraft missions at CFI-L.A.’s monthly Café Inquiry, an informal gathering with a speaker on a particular topic. Poston experimentally simulates chemistry and physics that occur on the surfaces of bodies that lack atmospheres, and now spends a lot of time at JPL blasting simulated, distant, icy asteroid surfaces with electrons to stimulate changes in their chemistry and physics. Poston has authored several peer-reviewed articles in major scientific journals, as well as making numerous conference presentations and a guest blog for the Planetary Society.

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