Warm with the Light of Reason: Register Now for REASON FOR CHANGE in June

February 16, 2015

It’s true that right now Buffalo – along with much of the country – is covered in snow. But despite this relentless winter, don’t forget that June really is just around the corner, and with it comes the Reason for Change conference — June 11-15!

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Now is the time to reserve your place at what is certain to be the most enlightening and meaningful skeptic-humanist event of 2015. 

The complete schedule of events is now available online! Register now to experience it all.

Come to learn and be inspired by special guests Richard Dawkins and Susan Jacoby, and keynote speaker Rebecca Goldstein. See and interact with luminaries of skepticism and humanism from across the disciplines, such as scholar of secularism Phil Zuckerman, New Yorker writer Michael Specter, science education champion Eugenie Scott, and so many more. 

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As the summer sun rises over Buffalo, you’ll be able to enjoy more than just lectures, but also tours of Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes Freethought Trail, and a motor coach tour of historic Buffalo. There’s also training for those who want to become Secular Celebrants, a comedy performance by Leighann Lord, social events, and much more. See the complete schedule now.

So even though it might be cold and snowy outside where you live, keep warm with thoughts of transforming our world with the light of reason, and with anticipation of this year’s unmissable event. 

Reason for Change awaits! Don’t miss your chance to register and be part of this amazing conference! Register right now!

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"Reason for Change" - A CFI Conference June 2015

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