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  • Center for Inquiry regularly records talks and conference presentations in order to share them via Youtube.
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Resources for Faculty

CFI programs and resources are appreciated by students who take a special interest in the foundations of science, atheism, scientific rationalism, naturalism, skepticism, secular humanism, and more. Some ways that you can assist such students:

  • Encourage them to join CFI On Campus, to view the website and Facebook pages
  • Offer to serve as an official sponsor of a CFI On Campus affiliate group.
  • Subscribe to or request that your library subscribe to Free InquirySkeptical Inquirer, or the philosophy journal Philo and distribute copies to an existing philosophy club or department discussion group, or other departments.
  • Encourage students to apply for internships. Internships are available at Centers in Amherst, West Michigan, and Los Angeles, and others. Contact your local CFI branch to find out more.
  • guest lectures and seminars, campus-wide debates on topics important to you and to CFI, organizational workshops, and even award-winning interactive “psychic” performances that teach students hands-on critical thinking skills.
  • has a cool resource called Skepticism 101: The Skeptical Studies Curriculum Resource Center.