‘Point of Inquiry’ Selected by Spotify for Launch of New Podcast Offerings

For Immediate Release: May 22, 2015
Contact: Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director
press@centerforinquiry.org - (207) 358-9785


Point of Inquiry, the flagship podcast of the Center for Inquiry, has been hand-selected by the popular streaming service Spotify to be part of the launch of its new slate of offerings, which now includes podcasts. The weekly audio program features the most fascinating and brilliant minds in science, religion, and politics in thought-provoking long-form interviews.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with over 60 million users. On Wednesday, Spotify announced the addition of several new offerings to its service, including video content, news, and podcasts. A small selection of programs were chosen to be part of Spotify’s initial podcast offerings, among them CFI’s Point of Inquiry.

Point of Inquiry is hosted on a rotating basis by Josh Zepps, a founder and host of HuffPost Live, and investigative journalist Lindsay Beyerstein. Last year it was declared one the “podcasts to make you smarter” by Business Insider, along with programs such as This American Life, Radiolab, and Startalk Radio. Recent guests have included such luminaries as Ann Druyan, Steven Pinker, Katha Pollitt, Sam Harris, Howard Fineman, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Bill Nye. The program is produced by Nora Hurley. 

Point of Inquiry is a first-class program, one that is both substantive and entertaining, featuring engrossing conversation that questions presumptions and inspires new ways of thinking,” said Paul Fidalgo, executive producer of Point of Inquiry and communications director of CFI. “It is at the vanguard of the podcast revolution, and we’re delighted to be at the start of Spotify’s foray into this powerful and growing medium.” 

“We have the best hosts, the best guests, and we tackle some of the most fascinating and challenging topics of our time,” added Fidalgo. “I can’t wait for the enormous Spotify audience to discover it and open their minds to new perspectives and big ideas, just as it did for me when I first tuned in.”

Spotify’s podcast offerings will begin rolling out to customers over the next few weeks. Visit Spotify’s website for more information. To check out Point of Inquiry now, visit PointofInquiry.org.

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