Barbara Ehrenreich, Jezebel’s Lindy West Join Brilliant Women of Freethought for DC-Area Conference

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2014
Contact: Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director - (207) 358-9785

Barbara Ehrenreich, acclaimed author of Nickel & Dimed, and Jezebel blogger Lindy West, join a powerful slate of brave and brilliant freethinking women including Susan Jacoby, Taslima Nasreen, Rebecca Goldstein, and Leighann Lord for the third Women in Secularism conference, May 16-18 at the Westin Alexandria.

Women in Secularism III brings together activists and thinkers from the fields of social justice, political activism, journalism, and academia to tackle some of the major concerns of women within and without the atheist-humanist community; from fighting back against the religious assault on women’s rights around the world, to confronting the problem of women’s underrepresentation in the secular movement.

“Events like this, in which we as a movement seriously grapple with the issues and challenges that women face, are crucial,” said Melody Hensley, one of the organizers. “What we want to focus on is how we in the freethought movement come out of this third conference stronger than when we went in, more unified, and more inspired.”

“This is a wonderful chance for the entire secular community to exchange ideas about how we as a movement can work to end the oppression experienced by women around the world as a result of religious dogma,” said organizer Debbie Goddard. “At the same time, it’s an great opportunity to talk about how we can make our own secular community more welcoming and responsive to women.”

Women in Secularism III is presented by the Center for Inquiry, an international organization advocating for science, reason, and secular values.

What: The Women in Secularism III conference
When: May 16-18, 2014
Where: Westin Alexandria, 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314
Full Program and Details:
For Media Credentials: Contact Paul Fidalgo at or 207-358-9785

Speakers: Lauren Becker, Ophelia Benson, Lindsay Beyerstein, Soraya Chemaly, Heina Dadabhoy, Barbara Ehrenreich, Debbie Goddard, Rebecca Goldstein, Candace Gorham, Melody Hensley, Susan Jacoby, Sarah Jones, Zinnia Jones, Amanda Knief, Leighann Lord, Miri Mogilevsky, Taslima Nasreen, Katha Pollitt, Amy Davis Roth, Mandy Velez, Lindy West

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