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CFI certified Secular Celebrants are legal to solemnize marriages in Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and District of Columbia.  We are taking action to become legal to solemnize marriages in other states.

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Andre Ryland


Andre graduated with a B.S. Degree from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1971. He then spent his working years in Wisconsin and Illinois in sales and management in both the restaurant and cabinetry-millwork fields. During those working years he also gave his time as an EMT and Certified Firefighter, and as an elected municipal trustee, while also coaching baseball for many years. He is now happily retired with Meredith in Pensacola, FL. He was raised as a Methodist and is now a member of the Unitarian Universalist Society. Andre is a Humanist and desires to offer Celebrant help and assistance to the secular non-theistic peoples of the Pensacola area as the community is heavily saturated with Catholicism and evangelicalism. Andre is also especially interested in ways for the secular community to expand it’s vocabulary in order to profess the wonderment of life as naturalists and furthering CFI’s mission to “foster a secular society.”