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CFI certified Secular Celebrants are legal to solemnize marriages in Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and District of Columbia.  We are taking action to become legal to solemnize marriages in other states.

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Jennifer Beahan

(616) 698-2342

Jennifer Beahan is the Executive Director for CFI Michigan, and a certified CFI Secular Celebrant. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CFI Michigan and is working to build a secular community throughout Michigan. Her professional interests include volunteer management, program development and evaluation, secular activism, and women’s rights. She holds a Bachelor’s of Music Education (K-12), and in addition to her work for CFI she teaches private music lessons on piano and woodwinds. Jennifer understands the importance of being able to celebrate life events in a way that is personally meaningful to the participants, and isn’t restricted to a script provided by a judge or religious leader. She will work with you to create a custom ceremony for your wedding or other life event that is deeply personal and meaningful for everyone involved.

Ed Brayton

(616) 894-3123

Ed Brayton is a writer who specializes in religion, law and politics on his popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars. He is a member of the CFI Michigan Board of Advisors and a recipient of the Friend of Darwin award by the National Center for Science Education. Though never married himself, he is excited to work with couples to develop their ideal wedding. He is also available to do funeral services and wakes. He believes it’s important during life’s important rituals that the person presiding over those events share a common set of values with those we are privileged to serve.

Frank Crownover

(231) 766-8536 or (617) 645-0713

Frank Crownover is retired after working full time as a pharmacist for 38 years, mostly in a hospital setting. In his spare time he likes to barbecue and bake bread. He grew up in Missouri as an off-and-on mainline protestant, becoming much more involved in church as a young adult. However, he never fully accepted the mythology behind Christianity and has identified as an atheist/secular humanist for the past 20+ years. Frank became a secular celebrant because he recognizes that there are many people who do not want religion to be a part of their significant life events. He is available for weddings, funerals and other occasions for which a secular celebrant might be desired. Frank will work with you to tailor a ceremony to your needs. He lives in Muskegon, MI.

Mike Slomka

(586) 354-8501

Mike Slomka is a member of the Advisory Board of CFI Michigan, an event host, and the coordinator for SE Michigan. Mike has Associate Degrees in Photography and Video Production. Professionally, he has been an emergency dispatcher for 19 years. In his spare time, he is referee for multiple roller derby leagues in SE Michigan.

Mike is a secular humanist who realizes the need for celebrants that understand the values and needs of members of today’s secular community. He’ll work hard to meet all of you and your family’s need for whatever personal event you’re celebrating.