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CFI certified Secular Celebrants may now solemnize marriages in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington, DC. We are taking action to become legal to solemnize marriages in other states.

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James Oliver

New York

US Navy veteran (Vietnam era) Honorable discharge. 1969-1972.

Alfred State Technical College Alumni.

15 Years in the financial services industry.

Registered Representative Series 6 & 63.

Currently works at Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Western NY.

I worked as a church Sexton at an Anglican Church for 10 years, I had to be in attendance for all weddings and funerals as the church caretaker/ Sexton and I was always dismayed by every service be it wedding or funeral that each minister did the exact same service for the families, only the names were changed and very impersonal and stilted non-caring feelings would fill the air.

Being a secular celebrant gives me the opportunity for people who are non-religious to embrace life events that are important to them in a manner that makes it much more personal, with a format and content of their own choosing.

Jim is committed to secular principles and will guarantee through his role as a Secular Celebrant of CFI Transnational every event he is involved with will be non-religious.

Bonnie Zotara

New York
(716) 634-2265 (home) - (716) 984-0713 cell

Bonnie is a native resident of Western New York, an educator, and life-long learner. She taught in religious institutions for 32 years. Since her retirement, she has been a full-time substitute teacher and teacher aide for the past decade. She is currently working in a school for disabled children.
While being employed by the various religious-affiliated organizations, helping children, and connecting with communities, she has learned that kindness, hope, and optimism for a better future are universal desires. As her secular beliefs have evolved over time she recognized that non-religious folk require the means to humanistly solemnize their life events. It is her belief that significant personalization for individual needs should take priority over religious scripture. It is important to plan with the participants and family members in order to craft meaningful memories of their celebrations, joyous and solemn.
She is an active member of the advisory board for the Center For Inquiry of Western New York as well as an active volunteer in other cultural institutions.