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CFI certified Secular Celebrants are legal to solemnize marriages in Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and District of Columbia.  We are taking action to become legal to solemnize marriages in other states.

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Nicholas Little

Virginia · Washington, DC

Nick Little is a Vice President and General Counsel for the Center For Inquiry. Located in Alexandria, VA, he is an accomplished orator, having won multiple public speaking awards. Educated at Oxford University and Vanderbilt University Law School, Nick will work with you to ensure that your wedding meets your needs, rather than a using pre-determined template defined by a particular religious grouping. Nick’s work centers on insuring that non-religious individuals do not face legal discrimination in the United States. As the number of non-religious grow, and as more individuals marry those of different faith backgrounds, the demand for non-traditional, non-faith based marriage ceremonies will increase. Nick is looking forward to working with couples, regardless of their beliefs, to ensure they receive the ceremony they want and deserve. Nick is also available to act as a secular celebrant in all types of life events, from welcoming a new child to saying farewell to a deceased love one.

Michele Shaw


Celebrating rites of passage, rituals, and memorial gatherings are important to so many of us. Milestones and memorials help make life more fulfilling because shared experiences are powerful. They bring people together and enhance each person’s individual experience. I hope to be able to help those with a non-religious world view prepare and hold a celebration of a life milestone in a meaningful and secular humanist way.

Michele Shaw is a secular humanist and a strong supporter of the Center for Inquiry, FFRF, and the Secular Coalition for America.  Michele is happily married to James and has raised two children free from religion.  She has a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach. She has worked for Fortune 100 companies in Information Technology management positions and now works for a small environmental consulting company. She enjoys spending time outdoors playing tennis, gardening or walking her four legged rescue friends.  She is an activist who has lobbied at both the local and national level for human rights, women’s rights and secular humanist special interests.

Michele will be honored in officiating your secular celebration or ceremony in the Northern Virginia area. As a Virginia circuit court appointed civil celebrant, Michele is authorized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia to perform and celebrate the rites of marriage anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Michele will take great pleasure in assisting you in commemorating your special life event.