Joe E. Barnhart

Independent · Knoxville, Tennessee

Joe E. Barnhart, Ph.D., recently retired to write his novels, became Professor of Philosophy and Religion Studies at the University of North Texas in 1974. He became a contributing member of the American Academy of Religion, the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion, the Society for Biblical Literature, the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies, and the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, to name but a few.

Former president of the American Academy of Religion, Southwest division, Dr. Barnhart holds Editorial Board positions for The Journal for the Critical Study of Religion, The Humanist, and Free Inquiry. His books include The Billy Graham Religion, Religion and the Challenge of Philosophy, The Study of Religion and Its Meaning: New Explorations in Light of Karl Popper and Emile Durkheim, Jim and Tammy: Charismatic Intrigue Inside PTL, The New Birth: A Naturalistic View of Religious Conversion (with Mary Ann Barnhart), The Southern Baptist Holy War, and Dostoevsky on Evil and Atonement: The Ontology of Personalism in His Major Fiction (with Linda Kraeger). With Dr. Kraeger, he coauthored Trust and Treachery, a historical novel on Roger Williams’ contribution to the principle of Church-State Separation. Dr. Barnhart’s writing has appeared in the following publications: Philosophy Today, The Personalist, Religious Studies, American Philosophical Quarterly, The Journal of Value Inquiry, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Harvard Theological Review, Feminism and Philosophy, Journal of Higher Criticism, Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament, and the Mercer Dictionary of the Bible. In May 2007, he spoke on “Religion and the Proper Role of the State” at the Istanbul Conference on Global Democracy and Security.

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Topics: Philosophy, Politics, Psychology
Subtopics: Ethics & morality, Evolutionary psychology, Meaning of life, Separation of church and state

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