Elizabeth Barre

Wake Forest University · Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Elizabeth Barre is a comparative ethicist who works on questions that lie at the intersection of moral philosophy and the history of religion, with a specific focus on Muslim, Christian, and secular political ethics. She has written about the ways recent Muslim debates about liberalism, democracy, and the separation of religion and politics are similar to debates that arose among American Catholics around the time of the Second Vatican Council. But more generally, she is interested in writing and speaking about the nature of legal tolerance within the context of moral and religious pluralism. Most recently, she has been writing and speaking about tolerance within the context of American higher education, employing her earlier work to raise related questions about free speech and civility within the context of diverse classrooms and campuses.

Some of Elizabeth’s talks include:

  • “Religious Liberty and the Right to Exemption from Otherwise Valid Laws”
  • “Neutrality and the Secular State”
  • “Sanctuaries of Nonrepression: Freedom, Safety, and Religious Disagreement on Campus”
  • “Freedom, Responsibility, and the Law in Catholic and Muslim Arguments for Political Reform”
  • “The Possibility of Religious Liberalism: The Common Good and Civil Society in Catholic and Islamic Political Thought”


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Topics: Atheism & Secularism, History, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology & Anthropology
Subtopics: History of atheism/secularism, Separation of church and state

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