Gary Bauslaugh

Independent · Duncan, British Columbia

Gary Bauslaugh has a PhD in chemistry from McGill University, and has held many teaching and administrative positions in postsecondary institutions in Canada. He was VP of Instruction and Planning at what is now Vancouver Island University, and served for four years as CEO of a Provincial post-secondary educational planning and development agency in British Columbia. He has written and given presentations on many topics, and has had his work appear in many different publications, including scientific journals, The Skeptical Inquirer, The Humanist, and The Vancouver Sun (many op ed articles). He co-authored a chapter on evolution and intelligent design in a recent book called Universities at Risk (2008,  James Lorimer and Co.). He was Editor of the magazine Humanist Perspectives (formerly Humanist in Canada) from 2003 to 2008. He also served for one year as President of the Humanist Association of Canada.
In 2010 Dr. Bauslaugh published his book on Canada’s most famous case of mercy killing: Robert Latimer -A Story of Justice and Mercy (James Lorimer and Co). In 2012 he established the interactive web site which discusses certain legal issues arising from the Latimer case. That web site also provides access to his on-line book The Trial of Evelyn Martens, about the Canadian woman tried in 2004 on two charges of assisted suicide. Dr. Bauslaugh his currently working on a book on reforming of university education, a book on jury independence, and a book on Shakespeare festivals, and he is editing a book of essays entitled Voices of Humanism.

Gary is currently giving talks on the Latimer case and on jury independence.

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Topics: Biology, Humanism, Philosophy, Skepticism
Subtopics: Ethics & morality, Journalism, Lobbying, Separation of church and state

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