Jeremy Beahan

Reasonable Doubts · Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fundamentalist raised and educated, Jeremy graduated from Grace Bible College and Cornerstone University with a dual degree in social studies and religious education. While training for ministry Jeremy underwent a dramatic de-conversion as a culmination to many years of questioning. Today Jeremy works to promote critical thinking and skeptical inquiry in his local community. When not hiking on Michigan’s beautiful trails and beaches Jeremy teaches classes on Philosophy, World Religions, Biblical Literature, Aesthetics, and Critical Thinking for Kendall College of Art and Design/Ferris State University .

Check out some of Jeremy’s Work:

  • “Is Christianity Rational?” See more about the debate or listen to Jeremy debate Cliff Knechtle here.
  • “Which Jesus? Examining Differences in the Gospel Narratives” Read More or listen to the audio here.

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Topics: Debates, Philosophy, Religion
Subtopics: Critical thinking, Leaving religion, Naturalism, Religious criticism

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