Bart Campolo

Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati · Cincinnati, Ohio

Over three decades of Christian ministry, Bart Campolo became increasingly committed to building loving relationships, working for a better world and cultivating a sense of gratitude for the wonders of life.  Now, as a community builder, counselor, podcaster, and humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati, Bart aims to inspire and assist people around the world who are banding together to actively pursue goodness in and openly secular way.

Bart Campolo is a secular minister, speaker, and writer who currently serves as the humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati and the host of the award-winning Humanize Me podcast.Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Bart became an evangelical Christian as a teenager and was immediately attracted to urban ministry. After graduating from Brown University and serving as a youth pastor in Minneapolis, he returned to Philadelphia to found Mission Year, a national service organization which recruits young adults to live and work in high-risk urban neighborhoods.
As he became an influential evangelical leader, however, Bart increasingly questioned his own faith. In 2005 he returned to street-level community building in inner-city Cincinnati, where he eventually completed his gradual transition from Christianity to secular humanism.  He then worked on peacemaking projects in the Middle East before spending three years in Los Angeles as the first humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.  Now, as a community builder, counselor, podcaster, and chaplain, Bart inspires and assists all kinds of people who are actively pursuing goodness in an openly secular way.

Bart has been profiled in the New York Times Magazine and, together with his famous evangelical father, he is the author of Why I Left, Why I Stayed and the subject of the documentary film, Leaving My Father’s Faith.

Some topics of talks Bart gives:
The Logic of Pursuing Goodness As A Way Of Life
Dealing With Death
The Art of Friendship
Community Building 101
Building Positive Relationships With The Believers In Your Life
The Case For Forgiveness

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Topics: Activism & Organizing, Debates, Humanism
Subtopics: Leaving religion

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