Tom Clark

Center for Naturalism · Cambridge, Massachusetts

Tom Clark is founder and director of the Center for Naturalism and developer of, a leading web resource on worldview naturalism, its implications and applications. He is also author of Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and its Uses and many articles on naturalism, science, free will, consciousness, addiction, and criminal and social justice. He even wrote a book chapter on worldview naturalism, Naturalism and Well-being.

As director of the Center for Naturalism, Clark is on the cultural cutting edge in articulating science-based naturalism as a comprehensive worldview. Those wanting a fresh and positive perspective on secular humanism will enjoy Clark’s naturalistic challenges to conventional wisdom on such topics as free will, moral responsibility, criminal and social justice, addiction, religion and the culture wars. His engaging, fast-paced lectures will encourage listeners to re-think their fundamental assumptions about the self and human nature, and in so doing give them access to the abundant resources of worldview naturalism. His talks are suitable for general audiences but can be tailored for specialists in law, science, psychology, philosophy, religion, and social and political theory.

Watch below as Tom gives a presentation on naturalism:

Tom giving a talk on the benefits of pragmatic determinism:

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Topics: Cognitive Science, Humanism, Philosophy, Psychology
Subtopics: Ethics & morality, Meaning of life, Naturalism

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