Scott Forschler

Independent Scholar · St. Cloud, Minnesota

Scott Forschler is an independent scholar with a PhD in philosophy from the University of Minnesota, and a specialization in the foundations of morality. He is the author of a book in progress called The Logic of Morality, and many articles on related topics, whose fundamental thesis is that moral facts derive from practical reasoning, which in its distinctly human form is (1) recursive (applying to itself, self-valuing) and (2) involves a universalization test. Distinguishing between correct and incorrect conceptualizations of moral universalization—including the golden rule, Kant’s “categorical imperative,” and others—is the key to unlocking the power of this simple but profound truth that morality is simply consistency in recursive valuation. As such, it is an entirely natural phenomenon, compatible with evolution and ordinary scientific facts, and consists of objective truths.

Selected publications:

“Universal Practice and Universal Applicability Tests in Modern Moral Theory.” Philosophical Studies 174 (2017): 3041-3058.
“Shocking Grace, Sudden Enlightenment: O’Connor and the Koans of Zen Buddhism.” The Flannery O’Connor Review 15 (2017): 50-69.
“The Nature of Avatars: A Response to Roxanne Kurtz’s ‘My Avatar, My Choice’.” APA Newsletter on Philosophy & Computers 16n1 (2016): 48-51.
“Two Dogmas of Kantian Ethics.” Journal of Value Inquiry 47n3 (2013): 255-269.
“Kantian and Consequentialist Ethics: The Gap Can Be Bridged.” Metaphilosophy 44n1-2 (2013): 88-104.

Dr. Forschler’s talks are intended for general audiences with no philosophical background assumed, but can be tailored to meet audience needs and interests.

Presentation titles:

“Morality De-Mystified: The Secular Basis of Morality”
“Abortion and Stem Cells: Why Embryos Have No Rights”
“Free Will: Kant, Compatibilism, and the Turnspit”

Requested fee: $50 for a talk + Q/A up to 2 hours.

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Topics: Philosophy
Subtopics: Ethics & morality, Naturalism

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