Alix Jules

Activist · Dallas–Forth Worth, Texas

Alix Jules is a secular activist in the Dallas–Ft. Worth area who is commonly involved in issues and topics regarding the role of diversity in the atheist community as well as atheism in diverse communities. He chairs the Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason’s Diversity Council and is a founding member and presiding Historian for the Fellowship of Freethought, a family-based organization founded on the values of secular humanism and charitable principles. Alix has been featured in Ebony magazine, One Man’s Journey into Atheism, Godless – the documentary, and is a regular contributor to Texas Reason Blog – the Secular response to Texas Faith.

Alix’s popular topics include:

  • Good for Goodness Sake: How to Out-Christian the Christians–a look at how secular values can be even more fulfilling than dogmatic obedience
  • Get off the Bus: Civil disobedience tactics as a tool for discrimination–Ft.Worth Atheist bus ads stir Black ministers to threaten boycott.
  • Not My Child–Secular Children in America


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Topics: Activism & Organizing, Humanism, Social Issues & Movements
Subtopics: African American humanism, Atheist/secular movement, Community group organizing

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