Marty Klein

Therapist/educator · Palo Alto, California

Dr. Marty Klein is a California psychotherapist, sex therapist, and international lecturer in sexuality and public policy. He has been an expert witness or invited plaintiff in many important state and federal obscenity and anti-censorship cases. His landmark book America’s War On Sex, with a foreword by the ACLU’s Nadine Strossen, was honored as Book of the Year by AASECT. His work on issues such as pornography, teen sexting, swing clubs, and debunking “sex addiction” has been applauded by Penn & Teller, the New Yorker, and ABC’s 20/20.

Marty has given over 700 keynote speeches and training programs across America and in 25 different countries. His talks are consistently described as down-to-earth, thought-provoking, and highly entertaining.

Dr. Klein’s speaking topics:

  • America’s War On Sex
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Why Sexual Rights Are Crucial to Humanism
  • The Psychology of Sexual Fear
  • The Moral Panic Around Sexuality
  • Why Religion Fears & Hates Sexuality-and Why Humanism Must Embrace It
  • Flirting, Seduction, Pressure, Coercion-What Are the Differences?
  • Sexual Ethics & Decision-making Without Religion
  • Sexually, Is America Becoming More Conservative or More Progressive? Yes
  • An Expert Witness Describes An Obscenity Trial

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Topics: Humanism, Psychology, Social Issues & Movements
Subtopics: Ethics & morality, Free expression issues, Sex & sexuality

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