Seth Lepore

Writer/Performer · Westhampton, Massachusetts

Seth Lepore (writer/performer) holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, focus: Creativity in Education from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Since 1996 he has created over six self-produced one-man shows.

Lepore’s latest venture is a trilogy of one-man shows on the underbelly of the self-help and new age movement. Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee (2010-present) won an Encore Award at both the Boulder and Minnesota Fringe Festivals. Greg Epstein, author of Good Without God, had Lepore present part of this show for the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard.

Lepore will premiere the second part of the series, SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious, in Spring 2012. This show examines the rise in popularity of the happiness industry. Kicking Ass and Taking Names (the final part of the trilogy) takes on our culture’s obsession with being successful and our fear of external and internalized failure. Kicking Ass… will premiere in 2014.

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Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Skepticism
Subtopics: Alternative medicine, Comedy, Conspiracy theories, Pseudoscience

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