Scott Lilienfeld

Emory University · Atlanta, Georgia

Scott O. Lilienfeld is  Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta. He received his A.B. from Cornell University in 1982 and his Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from the University of Minnesota in 1990.  He is founder and past editor of the Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice, most recent past President of the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology, and current editor of Clinical Psychological Science.  He has served on nine editorial boards, including the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Assessment, and Perspectives on Psychological Science, and he is consulting editor for Skeptical Inquirer. Dr. Lilienfeld has published over 350 articles, book chapters, and books in the areas of personality disorders, psychiatric classification, scientific thinking in psychology, and pseudoscience in clinical psychology.

Among his books are Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (co-authored with Steven Jay Lynn and Laura Namy, 2017), Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology (co-edited with Steven Jay Lynn and Jeffrey M. Lohr; 2003) and 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (Wiley-Blackwell, co-authored with Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio, and the late Barry Beyerstein; 2009).  His work has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, Boston Globe, Washington Post, USA Today, New Yorker, and Scientific American.  In addition, he has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, CNN, and CBS Evening News.  In 1998, Dr. Lilienfeld received the David Shakow Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Clinical Psychology from American Psychological Association Division 12, and the James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Career Contributions to Applied Psychological Science from the Association for Psychological Science. He has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and at over 40 universities and colleges, and he was selected as a member of Emory University’s “Great Teachers” lecturer series.

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Topics: Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Skepticism
Subtopics: Mental illness, Paranormal & fringe-science claims, Philosophy of science, Pseudoscience, Science education

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