Chris Lombardi

Secular Coalition for America · Washington, DC

Chris Lombardi joined the Secular Coalition in May of 2012. Chris moved to Washington D.C. in 2007 where he worked in the U.S. House of Representatives on a diverse portfolio of issues. Hailing from the midwest and a proud Hoosier, Chris graduated from Indiana University in 2002. Chris can confidently claim to be one of two officially registered lobbyists for the secular movement. This is no small feat considering 19 percent of the country doesn’t explicitly identify with any organized religion. It proves to be a rather full-time occupation. Even so, Chris finds time to compete in marathons, triathlons, and other endurance events throughout the year. Chris is happy to speak to groups about ways to be effective in approaching legislators and policymakers to make sure that nontheist voices are represented and respected in our government.

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Topics: Politics, Religion
Subtopics: Lobbying, Separation of church and state

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