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Feminist author, blogger, and gadfly Amanda Marcotte has been described as “funny. Really funny,” with a “wit is as sharp as the survival knife.” (Sacramento News & Review) Her “writing zings, it crackles, it leaves a mark, and never sugarcoats.” (Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos) And she tends to frantic ire from anti-feminists such as Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who called Marcotte “trash-talking” and “vulgar” for her criticisms of the anti-contraception movement.

Marcotte rose to prominence in 2004 and 2005 as the first feminist blogger to gain traction and traffic in the larger political blogosphere. She continues to blog tirelessly at Pandagon, Slate’s Double X, and RH Reality Check. In 2008, Marcotte published her first book It’s A Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments, a book for relieving the stress of dealing with sexism through laughter. Her second book Get Opinionated: A Progressive’s Guide to Finding Your Voice (and Taking a Little Action) came out in 2010.

Marcotte has published on her unapologetically pro-choice, pro-science, progressive feminist ideas in the LA Times, Slate, Salon, Alternet, Reuters, The American Prospect, and the Guardian UK. She also podcasts on sexual health and reproductive rights weekly for RH Reality Check, the most popular reproductive rights publication online. She also hosted an educational video series for the website, along with her occasional comedy video work on the side. She’s appeared on MSNBC, the BBC, and frequently on political radio talk shows across the nation. She presents frequently at conferences on feminism, politics, and secular humanism.

Currently, she is a politics writer for Salon.

Amanda Marcotte speaks on many political and feminist topics, including:

  • The role of women and feminists in the netroots and modern liberalism.
  • The history and current state of the battle between the pro- and anti-choice movements.
  • Using blogging, social networking, and multimedia to spread a liberal, feminist message.
  • Feminist criticisms of religion, feminist atheism, and the relationship between the feminism and secular humanism.
  • Myths and realities of sexual harassment and assault, with an emphasis on her role as a rape survivor and an often-attacked critic of the rape culture.
  • Being a feminist critic of pop culture without becoming an aesthetic Stalinist.

Links to Amanda’s multimedia work:

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Amanda playing Sarah Palin in a comedy video
Amanda Marcotte – Skepticon 3
“Why So Sad, John Boehner?”
“Late-Term Abortions: What the Gosnell case reveals”
Obama Plan B Failure
Amanda Marcotte on the Rachel Maddow Show

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