John Perkins

National Institute of Economic and Industry Research · Melbourne, Victoria

Dr. John L Perkins is an economist, atheist activist and a regular contributor to Freethought magazines. He has qualifications from universities in Melbourne and London. Outside of his econometric activities he has a keen interest in the effects of religion on societies including economic, social and human costs. He has taken a particular interest in the  doctrines of Islam and the effects these have on economic, social and political structures, and the adverse impact of Islam from a humanitarian point of view.

More recently John has conducted an extensive investigation into the literature regarding the early origins of Islam. This involved a comparison of the viewpoints obtained from traditional Islamic sources, the viewpoints of mainstream Western historians, and an analysis of the publications of scholars from the Inarah Institute in Saarbrücken, Germany.

This has led him to the conclusion that the doctrines on which Islam is based, centered on an Arab Prophet who emerged from Mecca and instigated a new religion, have no basis in the historical or archaeological record. To him, a rather more plausible story emerges of a gradual transition from an earlier Judaic and anti-Trinitarian form of Christianity into what later became the religion now recognized as Islam.

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Topics: Religion
Subtopics: Islam, Leaving religion, Religious criticism, Religious extremism

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