Andrew Seidel

Constitutional Attorney · Madison, Wisconsin

Andrew Seidel is the Director of Strategic Response at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, where he fights to keep state and church separate. He regularly writes for Freethought Now!, and other popular outlets such as Friendly Atheist, Religion News Service, and ThinkProgress, and in more scholarly venues like Constitutional Studies and the Education Law & Policy Review. He’s active on social media @AndrewLSeidel. Seidel’s first book, which challenges Christian nationalism and the idea that America was founded on Christian principles, is set to be released in May 2019.

Andrew is happy to speak on religion and the law, religious privilege in the law, state-church separation, the Christian nation myth, America’s secular history, politics and legal issues, religion and secularism, and more.

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Topics: History, Religion
Subtopics: History of atheism/secularism, Separation of church and state

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