Kylie Sturgess

JREF · Perth, Western Australia

Kylie Sturgess is the President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and an award-winning Philosophy teacher with over ten years experience in education. She has lectured on teaching critical thinking, feminism, new media and anomalistic beliefs worldwide, and regularly writes editorial for numerous publications.

In 2011, she was the winner of the Best Individual Activist Award from the Secular Students Alliance. Kylie presented at and was a co-MC at the Global Atheist Convention in 2010 and 2012 and has contributed to science conferences including ScienceRewired, The Amazing Meeting 5, QEDCon 2010 and the World Skeptics Congress in 2012. She has conducted over a hundred podcast interviews as the host of the Token Skeptic podcast, which looks at science, pop-culture and how to encourage a skeptical mindset for all ages.

Her work features in the book The Australian Book of Atheism, The Open Laboratory Best Of Science Blogs 2008 and in 2012 authored “The Scope Of Skepticism”. She also writes for the Curiouser and Curiouser online column for CSICOP, and contributed to Daniel Loxton’s manifesto ‘What Do I Do Next?: Leading Skeptics Discuss 105 Practical Ways to Promote Science and Advance Skepticism’. Kylie Sturgess’ 2011 Masters thesis in Education is on the measurement of paranormal beliefs, focusing on gender differences, called “Anomalistic beliefs in Australians: a Rasch analysis” and research into the structure of superstitious behaviour. She currently teaches Philosophy at the tertiary level in Australia and presents at conferences worldwide, including USA, UK, New Zealand and Europe.

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Topics: Activism & Organizing, Atheism & Secularism, Education, Philosophy, Religion, Science (General), Skepticism, Social Issues & Movements
Subtopics: Critical thinking, Paranormal & fringe-science claims, Pseudoscience, Psychology of religion, Religious criticism, Science denial, Science education, Skeptic movement, Social media, Women & gender

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