Stephanie Zvan

American Humanist Association · Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stephanie Zvan is the producer of the American Humanist Association’s podcast, The Humanist Hour, and a host and interviewer for Minnesota Atheists’ radio show, Atheists Talk. She is one of the founders of Secular Women Work, which provides activist training (for all genders) through conferences and workshops. She’s been educating audiences in science and skepticism at science fiction and fantasy conventions and as a guest lecturer for college audiences. She’s a founding member of The Orbit and writes at Almost Diamonds.

Coming to religion as an outsider, Stephanie doesn’t have much interest in theology or apologetics. She’d rather get on with creating that post-religious world the demographics tell us is coming. She wants to help make it a good one, with strong atheist and humanist organizations and communities, as well as a solid understanding of science and skepticism.

Watch Stephanie’s talk, “Justice in a ‘Just World'”:

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Topics: Activism & Organizing, Atheism & Secularism, Humanism, Science (General), Skepticism, Social Issues & Movements
Subtopics: Atheist/secular movement, Skeptic movement

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