AAI 2009 Conference DVD


AAI 2009 Conference DVD

NTSC, All-Region (Region Zero)
Feature Length: 504 Minutes
2 DVDs
Audio: English 2.0

Subtitles: None

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The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS) presents a DVD collection of 10 speakers from the Atheist Alliance International 2009 Convention (AtheistAlliance.org) held in Burbank, California. The event was co-sponsored by RDFRS, which brought in scientists from a variety of fields to speak on topics that relate to atheism.

  • PZ Myers – Design vs. Chance
  • Mr. Deity & Cast – Live Performance
  • Bill Maher – Award Acceptance Speech
  • Andy Thomson – Morality: From the Heavens or From Nature?
  • Lawrence Krauss – A Universe from Nothing
  • Carolyn Porco – Science in Hollywood
  • Jerry Coyne – Why Evolution Is True
  • Daniel Dennett – The Evolution of Confusion
  • Richard Dawkins – There is grandeur in this view of life
  • Eugenie Scott – Creationism: Still Crazy After All These Years



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